How to Extend the Memory of Your Cell Phone

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Smart phones are extremely popular these days. The two players in the area of smart phones are Apple and Google. I should be more precise, however, both of these companies make operating systems. Those operating systems are the iOS and android. However, the android operating system is being used by several manufacturers making cell phones. Google at this point doesn’t make its own cell phone. What is great about smart phones is that they can be enhanced in functionality. That is done by installing apps. These apps are readily available for download either at the Apple App Store or the Google play store.

Keep in mind, however, installing apps requires memory. Chances are that you phones internal memory is limited. When purchasing an iPhone, I recommend purchasing a model that has a large amount of internal memory. Even though those phones are more expensive, it is worth it over time. That is because memory of the iPhone cannot be extended. On the other hand, most android phones have a slot for adding a memory card. By adding a memory card, the phone storage can be enhanced. You can configure and android phone to store both apps as well as data onto a memory card.

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Smart phones are able to take pictures and also shoot short movies. For that reason, most smart phones these days have a photographic lens. The phone itself comes with a camera app. The camera app can easily be switch between taking still pictures and shooting movie. However, keep in mind that storing a movie file can take up a large amount of memory. I would definitely recommend purchasing a large memory card such as a 64 GB card. However, read your phones user manual to find out what the largest memory size is that is being supported. Some phones don’t allow memory cards larger than 32 GB to be inserted.

If you like listening to music then why not take your music collection with you. Having a memory card gives you enough storage space to be able to store your MP3s onto your phone. That way you can enjoy your music on the go. I would not recommend putting a lot of MP3s on your phone without a memory card because it would take up a lot of internal memory which can degrade performance of applications. Applications require a certain amount of RAM as well as non-volatile storage space. I would never use up more than 70% of the storage space of your phone in order to have enough buffer. Also, when purchasing a phone with the android operating system, I would recommend purchasing a phone with at least 512 MB of RAM. The more RAM the better.