How to Transfer Music CDs to Your Cell Phone

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Many people prefer using cell phones to store their personal music collection. Obviously, accessing music on a cell phone is much easier than using a traditional CD player. Also, having music on your phone makes for a great companion when you’re on the road. Not only can you listen to your music on your phone but you can also stream it to wireless speakers. It is not complicated to create playlists. Also, if you keep your music organized then you can easily play a specific genre or music from a specific album. In this post, I’m going to help you transfer music from your CD collection onto your phone.

The best way to transfer music from a CD onto a phone is to use a CD-ROM drive. Obviously, you can also play the CD directly from your CD player and then sampled the music. However, this would involve two additional steps. During these steps, the sound quality will be degraded to some degree. By reading the data from a CD, you will achieve the best sound quality and in addition don’t have to worry about the music clipping or not using the maximum dynamic range. First of all, you will need to convert the music CD tracks into compressed audio. Obviously, you can also save the music as uncompressed way files onto your computer. Doing so will maintain the fall quality of the music. However, you will use huge amounts of disk space. Cell phones usually don’t have enough memory to store a large number of way files. Therefore, many people make a trade-off and compress the audio into MP3s or by using other more advanced audio compression algorithms.

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Personally, I prefer the AAC algorithm. However, this algorithm is not yet supported by all play a apps running on cell phones. Before choosing a compression method, make sure that the format is supported by your play application. However, you can easily download additional players from the app store or from Google play. When choosing an application for playing your songs, make sure that you pick one way you can select folders and also pick specific artists. That will allow you to easily play music from a specific genre. However, to do so, you will need to organize your tracks into separate folders. I would recommend that you manually pack every song that you digitize. That means that you enter the artist, genre and name of the song. They are also some websites which can automatically tack your tracks. Some play applications which run on computers such as Winamp will support auto tagging.

Once you have organized all of your tracks on your computer, you can transfer them onto your cell phone. You can either copy them directly onto your phone into the music folder or you can use a specific application such as Samsung Kies or Apple’s iTunes. These applications are vendor specific. So consult your manufacturer to find the right application.