Some Tricks for Properly Playing Multichannel Audio

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Newer types of media have allowed recording studios to put more information onto a disc then traditionally music CDs were able to. Even though the music CD has been a huge success and it’s time, this type of medium has begun to be replaced by other more sophisticated media such as Blu-rays and music DVDs. Also, Sony had launched a format which was proprietary to the company which also was able to store much more information on a single disc.

This additional space allows companies to store additional information such as video along with the audio. In addition, it can record audio in a much higher sampling rate as well as resolution. While the music CD would store music at 16 bits resolution at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, more modern media are able to store at 24 bits resolution and sampling rates of up to 192 kHz.

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However, while the classic CD would be purely stereo, more modern media are able to record even more channels. Therefore, music nowadays has begun to be sold as music channel DVDs. However, in order to properly produce multichannel audio, you will need a multichannel amplifier as well as multiple speakers. In addition, your equipment has to be able to separate each individual channel.

The loudspeaker set up for playing back multichannel music differs somewhat from the set up which is typically used for theater systems. Both of these formats require multiple speakers. In fact, many people will use the home theater system for playing back multichannel music. Obviously, that way you don’t have to spend money on equipment twice. You use the same equipment for multiple media.

One major distinction of music loudspeakers is that the frequency response is usually covering the whole range. Home theater systems would utilize speakers that are typically geared towards the mid range and are good for voices. However, when purchasing loudspeakers for multichannel audio, you will want to make sure the speakers have a good bass response and also a good high-frequency response. Both of those are crucial in order to properly reproduce the audio.