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Some Tricks for Properly Playing Multichannel Audio

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Newer types of media have allowed recording studios to put more information onto a disc then traditionally music CDs were able to. Even though the music CD has been a huge success and it’s time, this type of medium has begun to be replaced by other more sophisticated media such as Blu-rays and music DVDs. Also, Sony had launched a format which was proprietary to the company which also was able to store much more information on a single disc.

This additional space allows companies to store additional information such as video along with the audio. In addition, it can record audio in a much higher sampling rate as well as resolution. While the music CD would store music at 16 bits resolution at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, more modern media are able to store at 24 bits resolution and sampling rates of up …

Some Ways for Improving the Sound Quality of Your Audio System

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Let me show you some tricks which I have learned over the years while installing audio equipment. In particular, I’m going to focus on how you can squeeze the maximum sound quality out of your audio system. Chances are that you don’t have enough money to purchase a top of the line audio system. Therefore, you will have to make compromises.

However, by picking some fairly decent components, you can still achieve close to the same quality that you would get if you spend two or three times as much money. Let me show you what I mean.

First of all, you should probably budget one third of your overall money towards purchasing some decent speakers. Speakers are the element which have the single highest amount of distortion. You should purchase speakers which are rated for at least twice the wattage that …

Which Is Better: Wireless Speakers or Bluetooth Speakers?

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In this post, I’m going to compare Bluetooth speakers with wireless speakers and point out some applications in which you can use either model. To be accurate, Bluetooth speakers are one type of wireless speakers. However, they use a fairly specific protocol. That is why I’m going to refer to speakers which use any protocol other than Bluetooth as wireless speakers.

Amphony cordless speakers

In many applications, Bluetooth speakers are optimal. In particular, their main advantage is that they don’t require a dedicated transmitter unit. If you look at wireless speakers from or if you read reviews at then you may notice that other types of wireless speakers require a transmitter unit. However, there are some exceptions.

AirPlay wireless speakers I using Wi-Fi as the underlying technology. On top, they incorporate a protocol which is supported by a number of portable devices such as Apple iPhones …

How to Transfer Music CDs to Your Cell Phone

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Many people prefer using cell phones to store their personal music collection. Obviously, accessing music on a cell phone is much easier than using a traditional CD player. Also, having music on your phone makes for a great companion when you’re on the road. Not only can you listen to your music on your phone but you can also stream it to wireless speakers. It is not complicated to create playlists. Also, if you keep your music organized then you can easily play a specific genre or music from a specific album. In this post, I’m going to help you transfer music from your CD collection onto your phone.

The best way to transfer music from a CD onto a phone is to use a CD-ROM drive. Obviously, you can also play the CD directly from your CD player and then sampled the music. …

How to Extend the Memory of Your Cell Phone

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Smart phones are extremely popular these days. The two players in the area of smart phones are Apple and Google. I should be more precise, however, both of these companies make operating systems. Those operating systems are the iOS and android. However, the android operating system is being used by several manufacturers making cell phones. Google at this point doesn’t make its own cell phone. What is great about smart phones is that they can be enhanced in functionality. That is done by installing apps. These apps are readily available for download either at the Apple App Store or the Google play store.

Keep in mind, however, installing apps requires memory. Chances are that you phones internal memory is limited. When purchasing an iPhone, I recommend purchasing a model that has a large amount of internal memory. Even though those phones are more expensive, …